This is a unique tool I have studied and offer a unique Reading that uses your date of birth as your blueprint

It is a technique that teaches us so much about ourselves /our outer and our inner selves and our hidden /submerged selves. The more we understand ourselves as a duality of surface and submerged or shadow-side characteristics the more we can assess aspects of our unique combinations of our numerological aspects to help us understand who we are and why we act or behave as we do and this awareness creates a way to then learn to master ourselves and try and become more balanced versions of ourselves

Our birthdays are actually the numbers we chose to enter this life with and we are each a unique combination of these aspects

The Tetrahedron is in fact the sacred shape of the energy fields that explains mathematically the concept of duality .This orb of energy explains our unique individual numerology and it is used as two interlinking triangles depicting our aspects

There are 729 archetypes of people and over 7 billion people on this planet thus about 10 million word programs .Most of us are in the middle of the spectrum and because numerology is based on the Gregorian Calendar

We in fact ‘choose’ the day we were born. We choose the day we were born and thus the life lessons and the numbers in the numerology reduce or add to 9

An individual chart includes ones name ,birth date age and depicts

The self

The family

The world

The life path

The surface traits and the submerged traits add to 9

Getting to know oneself and understanding oneself and then others one can also work out individual chart aspects and synergies between siblings or loved ones and this can really guide one into being the best or a better version of oneself and therefore a better person toward a partner or life partner or loved one

There are key words and key themes like



And Soulmate connections

All of which integrate in a unique numerological format of assessment based on each persons unique

Synergies are an added R500 per persons or 50 US dollars and the readings are emailed or voice noted to you


As I saw you I felt a Connection 

Instant Attraction 

In the Eye ..I watched 

Your animation 

I assessed with my 

Inner knowing and thus 

I got to chat to you

And in that moment 

the Universe sealed 

The Bond between the two

And I felt instantly 

That we belonged –

From a time before 

Yet in the now –

A powerful spark

Soul to soul, mind to mind

Universally divine 

We share , we shine 

Each separately …

Two stars of universal wonderment 

Expiration of a spiritual mental and 

Perhaps one day total powerful 

Planetary synapse of 

Colliding energies ..

Though diverse in knowledge and 

Journeys … There to entertwine 

To teach and learn ..

In that moment and in each unique 

Moment thereafter ..

The the connection of the Eyes , 

The Third Eye and the Soul-

Divine learning divine force of

Magnitude of uniqueness 

Of specialness of path –

So seldom to find 

Yet so Simple ..

Yet divinely ordained as

The journey of the culmination 

Of ten spirituality , the capitalism 

The dream ,the eagle and

The protection ,the mutual caring 

Pardons -extreme 

But kind , gentle and integrous 

Something of a collision 

Of Explosion of just what is 

As it is in the now this moment 

And in each moment..

A new level of freedom , passion  

And excitement beyond , beyond 

And yet natural and easy , flowing 

This is our unique Beginning 

On our unique journey

And we take each precious moment 

And love and learn and enjoy

In love and light 

Two delicious souls journeying …

By me 🦋